Miguelina’s Gift was founded by Marisol Ramirez in August of 2015. Marisol dedicated the program based on health living as well as physical and social stimulation for seniors after the passing of her grandmother, Miguelina.

Miguelina’s Gift is a senior program that travels throughout Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens to provide different senior centers with different services.

Services We Provide

  • Zumba
  • Latin Dance
  • Coconut Facial Massage (10-12 seniors per hour)
  • Hand MassageĀ (10-12 seniors per hour)
  • Makeup (6 seniors per hour)
  • Manicures (6 seniors per hour)
  • Yoga / Pilates
  • Move and Pamper (2 events in one)
  • Memory Games
  • Arts and Crafts (supplies included)
  • Dancing with the Stars (2 performances + senior interaction)
  • DJ (up to two hours)
  • Dancing / Acting Workshop
  • Musician
  • Nutritionist
  • Health Promotion